Fitness Training

Are you ready to Train Like A Hockey Player? Whether you’re a youth player looking to stay active and build athletic performance, AAA-Pro level player looking to maximize your hockey training program or an adult league player just trying to feel better and bring your game up a notch we have the training for you.

Get the most out of your workouts and skill development by training with one of our certified trainers that not only have the knowledge of how to Train Like A Hockey Player, but the experience!

Join us today by checking out one of our offered Performance Training classes or programs that offer a variety of different workouts to maximize functional movements with dynamic warm-ups, mobility, flexibility, endurance, strength and injury prevention related programs to support and build overall athletic performance.

Participants will train for 30-60 minutes with a certified trainer to ensure optimal performance to reach goals such as: overall strength, power, speed and agility, change of direction, endurance, mobility and injury prevention. Change the way you feel, move and play!